Historical Aerial Photography

Our library covering Ontario commences in the 1950s and extends to the present, comprising over a million images

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Photogrammetric Mapping

Our comprehensive software solution allows Vector Data and Elevation Data Extraction to provide industry leading Vector images

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LiDAR Scanning

We were the first in North America to offer laser scanning with a dynamic range of 3m to 1500m, and point to point accuracy of 10mm.

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Our list of services and expertise includes: LiDAR, Aerial Photography, Drone Surveying, GPS Surveys, Orthophoto Production and Photogrammetric Mapping.

Northway/Photomap/Remote Sensing Ltd. is a leading provider of integrated Land Information and LiDAR Services to numerous public and private sectors including transportation, Land Development, Utilities and Government Agencies.

We specialize in LiDAR, Drone Surveying, Photography, Photogrammetric Mapping and associated products.  Our services range from data collection and extraction to data integration and consultancy services.

We work closely with our clients to ensure all budget, timeline, accuracy and technical requirements are meet through personalized consultation and extensive industry experience.